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images Vidya Power has furnished hostel & boarding facilities near its Head Office : 55-GTB Nagar, North Delhi centre. it is in the same building (but at different floor) of Director's building. Every day at 7:30 pm S K Singh (Director) takes special class. well equipped Digital Classroom is at its Top Floor. Students get all required facilities such as AC, Cooler, Fan as per students paying capacity only at the cost of 3000/ to 4500/ per month. Extra cost of Food, again varies from 2500-2800/ per month.   

Hostel: We provide Hostel facility for needy and long distance students who want to avail the same. Each hostel has healthy atmosphere for the students, who are far away from their parents to prepare themselves for Competitive exams.

Other Facilities at Vidya poweR

1.    Facilities of e-Learning : We provide latest technologies, e-learning modules for our students. performance and wards' report.
2. Facilities of Lost & Found: If something is lost by students in classroom, we try our level best to make their stuffs retrieved as soon as possible by the help of CCTV surveillance system. 
3. Facilities for Suggestion Boxes: These are fixed in every Center for students to put their valuable suggestions which will further help in improving the study methodology, study materials and overall infrastructure.
4. Facilities of Display Board: We provide information of specific batches at their respective 'Building Display Boards', thus ensuring to  save time of the students.
5. Facilities for Water Cooler: We have installed Aqua-Guard  and Water Cooler at appropriate locations in all the branches for facilitating the students to access pure drinking water.
6. Facilities of AC Classrooms: Classrooms are well-equipped with Air conditioners to make the learning smooth and complacent.
7.     Facilities of Washroom: Neat and clean, hygienic separate washrooms are available.
8.     Facilities of Sweeper & Cleaner : Every day, they take care of each & every corner of the entire building.
9. Facilities of Library:  Excellent Library facility is provided to the students so that they can refer to books to develop their reading habit for better learning and consultation to get more time for practice sets. Parents don't have to spend money to buy costly books from outside.

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