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The Best Foot Forward
Three formative years at the academy instill in the cadets a sense of intense belonging, bonding and feelings of oneness with the alma mater. Breaking bread and training together engender the spirit of camaraderie which in the ultimate analysis forms the bedrock of inter-services co-operation in times to come. Herein are sown the seeds of 'Joint man ship', the new mantra of coordinated inter services strategy. 

The Cadet's Pledge
The cadet during his sojourn at the NDA holds many a thing close tohis heart. By merging his identity with others, he gains the solace of a herd, the power of a team and the leverage of a group. This attribute of solidarity stands him in good stead during testing times and crunch situations.

The Cadet's Pledge
  • I dedicate myself to the task of upholding the ideals that have gone into the making of this great institution of which I am a proud member.
  • I reiterate my firm commitment to the values and virtues that form the very basis of the corps of cadets and also the Armed Forces of India.
  • I promise to be fully dedicated to all aspects of my training here and also to adhere, at all times, to a code of conduct, befitting my future role as an officer and a gentleman in the service of the Nation. To that end, I shall not lie, cheat or steal and it will be my earnest endeavor to be sincere, hardworking and scrupulously fair.
  • I earnestly pray that I may not falter in the pursuit of my goal and, in moments of doubt, be guided by my illustrious predecessors whose example shall be my beacon. 
The Cadet's Commandments

The Nation: The Nation's honor and interest comes first, always and every time.

The Services: We pledge to maintain the traditions of the three services and keep the 'TRISHUL' always  bright and strong.

The Academy: We are proud of the Academy. We will at all times endeavour to uphold its reputation by our conduct, bearing and manner both within and outside the campus.

The Corps of Cadets: We are a family. We are loyal to each other. We act as one man.

Truth: We will always follow the harder right rather than the easier wrong.

Discipline: We will obey all orders at once. We will never leave a task unless permitted to do so by a superior.

Punctuality: We will make punctuality our second nature.

Supervision: We will work without any supervision. Supervision is unnecessary when duty is performed conscientiously.

Work and Play: We will work hard and play hard. We will keep ourselves physically fit, mentally alert and morally upright.

Gentlemen: As future officers of the Armed Forces we will learn to conduct ourselves as gentlemen.

Battalions and Squadrons

On reporting to the Academy a cadet is allotted to one of the 18 Squadrons which then becomes his home away from home for the next three years. The Squadrons are named as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hunter, India, Juliet, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Panther, Quebec and Romeo. No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 Battalions have four squadrons each and No. 5 Battalion has two squadrons. Each squadron has approximately 100 to 120 cadets drawn from senior as well as junior courses under training in the Academy.

Squadron, comprising a healthy and eclectic mixture of cadets from diverse backgrounds and varying abilities, is a veritable melting pot where the bonds of camaraderie are forged. The squadron spirit is inculcated and nurtured through out the cadet's stay. The prestigious Inter Squadron Championship Trophy awarded to the best squadron epitomizes the pinnacle of team work and team spirit. The champion squadron has the proud tradition of possession of the Champion banner for one term which is carried during the parade and other sports meets.

Each squadron has its own nickname, an individual identity with a richly textured history and mascot. The rudimentary import of the NDA's motto "Service before Self" is first taught in the environs of the squadron, where a cadet learns the importance of putting the squadron's requirements well above his own.

Cadets' Mess

The central Cadets' Mess is one of the exclusive  symbols of solidarity and brotherhood among cadets. The entire body of cadets breaking bread together is a heartwarming sight and conjures up visions of belonging, bonding and deep rooted attachment. It serves as a significant prologue to continued tri-service camaraderie and esprit-de-corps. The Mess can accommodate over 2100 cadets at a time. Its neat exterior is matched by its exquisitely designed interiors. The entrance is made of Belgian glass doors with the mythological 'Horn of Plenty' artistically etched upon it. The inner walls are aesthetically decorated with mounted swords, pistols, flags, portraits and paintings. The central section of the hall has an excellent dance floor and lovely reliefs of all the famous dancers of India, both indigenous and western, done by artists from the J.J. School of Arts, Bombay. The electric kitchen is a chiefs dream come true. Gadgets and appliances include the ice cream machine, the chapatti making machine, combi, ovens, dough machines and a spacious cold storage.

A piano is widely considered as the most essential component of Western  Music. The versatility and ubiquity of the instrument has made it one of the most sophisticated creations. The piano which was developed in the early 18th century owes its invention to an Italian fry the name of

'Bartolomea Cristofori'. The National Defense Academy has in its inventory two pianos of German origin which are classical 'Grand' variants in terms of design. They occupy the pride of place in Cadets' Mess and Officers' Mess. These pianos have recently been renovated and have been reinstated.  

Aiming for Perfection

The role of these clubs goes beyond generation of interest in extracurricular activities as this is the singular domain which provides opportunities for self-expression through creative use of leisure. Clubs at the Academy aid organizing ability and development of a disciplined,

inquisitive mind by stimulating lasting interest in hobbies and pursuits of choice. These varied skills acquired during the most important learning phase of their career in the Armed forces, stand our cadets in good stead throughout their service.

Synergy at Work

The Passing Out Parade is the most spectacular among the end-of-term events at the NDA. It is also the culminating event of another successful term. The unique parade held at the Khetarpal Parade Ground comprises over one thousand participating cadets bidding farewell to their senior colleagues. A masterly display of drill movements, synchronized with the accompanying band ingrains long lasting memories in participants as well as viewers. The haunting strains of 'Auld Lang Syne' and the Adjutant on his charger accompany the passing out cadets to The Final Steps.

 Training at the National Defence Academy, encompasses a large gamut of activities considered necessary to mould the personality of a future military leader. Over the span of its existence the Academy has continued to evolve methods of training in harmony with the demands of time and has produced "men of substance", men who vindicated these methods, in the cauldron of

conflict and in the constant yearning for excellence in every field. The aim of training at the Academy recognizes the need to develop an interest in extracurricular activities amongst the cadets to mould the overall personality of a cadet emerging from the portals of this hallowed institution.

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